Powering your digital vision with Umbraco web development

Umbraco powers over 500,000 of the world’s leading-brand websites, like Mercedes, Carlsberg, Volvo and Thomas Cook and it is the go-to content management platform for solutions and immersive experiences across industries like Tourism, Finance, Law, Education, Manufacturing, Farming, Aviation, Insurance, Healthcare and more.

Why Umbraco?

Why Umbraco and Terabyte?

With years of experience working with leading brands on Umbraco, we crafted and delivered our Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Our DXP is a fully integrated and proven framework that allows you to manage, deliver and optimise experiences across every digital touchpoint.

Our DXP provides support to the entire customer journey. This is how we deliver rapid digital that delivers real world benefits.

Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco Cloud is one-stop-shop for all your Umbraco needs - the fastest, easiest and best way to work with the most advanced open-source CMS.

Everything is pre-installed, configured, and ready for development. Within a few steps, Umbraco Cloud is up and running and ready to go.

With loads of extra features, time-saving and automatic patch updates, and easy team and user management, Umbraco Cloud makes creating, building, hosting and maintaining your projects a breeze.  Delivering all the benefits of SaaS and the worlds best CMS in one place.

Your Certified and Trusted Umbraco Partner

As a leading certified NZ Umbraco agency partner, Terabyte takes the time to deeply understand your business requirements and goals to ensure that Umbraco is the right solution for you.

For 30+ years, we have partnered with New Zealand businesses to solve their digital transformation problems and build beautiful and effective solutions which allow them to successfully manage, enhance and scale their digital ecosystems to meet their business objectives.



Our components and accelerators - low cost - high speed

Our websites, portals and applications can be rapidly created and deployed using our library of pre-built custom components and unique industry accelerators.
This innovative and best-of-breed technology ensures that an amazing user experience and digital solution are created at lower-cost, lower-risk and with a speed-to-market mindset.  
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