Sudima Hotel

Bringing smiles to customer faces with Sudima Hotels

Understand & Transform

The Challenge

This project was originally a website refresh incorporating Sudima Hotels' new branding; however, it soon became apparent that a new build was preferable in order to future-proof the site. The new build would have to have the capability to add hotels and products going forward and also be optimised for mobile, something that was somewhat lacking before - and that’s what we do best.

The Solution

We knew we had to revamp the website’s information architecture to facilitate a much easier user journey through the various properties. We also streamline the mobile version of the site, to ensure that all users, no matter how they access the site, have the same user experience. We integrated the TravelClick booking engine to achieve a seamless and easy booking experience for guests while maintaining and developing the branding developed by Ocean Design.

The Results

A website that represents a true reflection of Sudima Hotels' brand and provides the opportunity for them to continually enhance and add to their content, something the Sudima Group will be doing a lot of in the future. Watch this space! 

Sudima came to us for a soft launch of their new branding - but after seeing what we had on the table, they walked away with a whole new build.