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Our full-stack website development team makes things functional, appealing, and responsive.


Web Development

We're the best New Zealand-based Umbraco and WordPress web development agency for websites and eCommerce. We use a range of techniques including responsive web design, adaptive coding, accelerated mobile pages and progressive web apps to ensure the best user experience on everyone's device of choice.

Portal & App Development

Beyond websites, we have extensive experience in designing and developing specialist applications for web portals and mobile apps. Our app developers in NZ can help you connect with your customers and deliver high-value functionality, enriching their experience and increasing overall transaction efficiency.

Design Language System

In 2016, we developed our very own Design Language System (DLS). The DLS is deployed in Umbraco v8 and provides a best-in-class component library (UX and UI) with a significant focus on code as a design tool, including iterative on-screen design supported by an integrated set of tools for layout, documentation and alternate platforms.

3rd Party Integrations & APIs

We’ve worked with an extensive range of third party systems, from simple social media integrations through to extensive eCommerce and CRM integrations. Our developers live and breathe application APIs and common data exchange protocols. There isn’t much we haven’t already integrated with: we have the experience and skills to integrate with your back office and third party systems.

Website Hosting & 24/7 Monitoring

Once a website is live it needs constant attention. As your organisation develops, adapts and changes, so too will your content and communication with your audiences. With Sitecare, our team are right behind your website. We manage your website hosting in NZ and support you and the site 24/7 for a known and budgeted monthly cost.

Proactive Updates & Enhancements

A website development doesn't stop when you launch your new site. It requires continuous improvements and CMS updates to keep your site trendy and up to speed. Whether you have a site running on an old version of a CMS or you want to add new features and functionalities to your existing site, our web development team is always happy to help.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We can help you with regular and scheduled minor version upgrades to your CMS to ensure feature, security and performance enhancement benefits are available to you. Call us for our approach to major version upgrades.

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