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Destination Great Lake Taupo

Destination Great Lake Taupo (DGLT) appointed Terabyte as their preferred digital partner to re-design and re-platform its Regional Tourism website.

As the primary tourism representation body for the greater Taupo region, the DGLT team shoulders  the immense responsibility of selling their local region and all it has to offer, to both domestic and international travellers. 

Prior to choosing Terabyte as their preferred digital partner, DGLT had a number of key requirements that needed to be met by prospective suppliers, before any work could begin on the site: 

  • A flexible and extensible open source CMS platform that would do away with costly on-going license fees;
  • A website platform able to deliver a world class responsive design solution across multiple devices;
  • The security of an open source CMS solution backed by a global development community;
  • A comprehensive CMS solution that would provide DGLT with the flexibility to  manage the delivery of all website content in-house, without the need to wait on third parties to load content updates;
  • A digital solution responsive to short lead time campaigns, with back end functionality allowing easy tailoring of the look and feel of campaign templates at a moment's notice;
  • A technology partner with on-site developers who have first-hand experience in managing and enhancing the look and feel of the Tourism New Zealand data feed;
  • To work closely with a digital partner who understands the NZ tourism market, with the experience and knowhow  to assist DGLT management with delivering a strong digital business case to council and regional stakeholders;
  • A senior design team with the experience to deliver a front end website design that captures the essence of the Great Lake Taupo region, along with the spirit, culture personality and "epic" experiences to be had.

"Right from the start, the Terabyte Team were willing to go the extra mile. Working in the fast paced digital environment often the personal touch gets overlooked..."

Vanessa Freeman, GM, Destination Great Lake Taupo
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The Solution

Working closely with DGLT in a relaxed collaborative workshop environment, the Terabyte design team employed genius design methodology, to validate the key deliverables of the re-design project, including information architecture, user pathways and overall design concepts. By utilising our Genius Design methodology, Terabyte was able to apply its learnings and experiences in the tourism industry - especially in the RTO / NTO space - to the DGLT project, ensuring that precious development funds were not wasted in a prolonged Discovery phase.

Throughout the design and development phases our teams worked closely together to craft not only an inspirational design, but to build in CMS functionality that has allowed DGLT to harness the full potential of the Tourism New Zealand data feed.

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The Result

With tourism spending topping $24 Billion in 2013/14,  the pressure was on to deliver DGLT, Council stakeholders, and the wider Taupo community with a world class, future proofed, digital solution.

Feedback from the DGLT Team, Taupo operators and industry stakeholders thus far has been extremely positive and encouraging. Website visits and stats have been on the increase. 

"From pitch to project delivery I always feel I can pick up the phone and talk anything through. We think that’s where Terabyte have the edge on others and we’re stoked we chose them..."

Vanessa Freeman, GM, Destination Great Lake Taupo

Even though this chapter of our digital journey with DGLT is now complete, with now proudly representing Taupo and all it has to offer as a destination, we have in reality only just begun what we hope will continue to be an exciting and rewarding digital partnership with the team at Destination Great Lake Taupo.

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