Giving an iconic tourism client an equally iconic website with Skyline NZ

Understand & Transform

The Challenge

When Skyline approached us to work on their Queenstown and Rotorua sites following the successful partnership we had launching the Skyline Luge sites, we jumped at the chance to work with them again. With properties in Rotorua and Queenstown, Skyline NZ needed to clearly define the pathways between the two regions, whilst keeping brand and cohesion front of mind. The audience for each property is fundamentally different, and so confused as to which property was being viewed, needed to be avoided at all costs.

The Solution

During the comprehensive discovery phase, where we worked closely with the teams from both locations to cover off both websites, we agreed upon an information architecture that provided immediate segmentation between the two properties, ensuring users are on the right page right from the get-go.

Together with a clean site navigation, the design was completely revamped. Skyline’s brand agency, Fluid, worked with us to create a cool adventure picker that works alongside animated calls to action, embedded video, social sharing and webcam feeds. Phase 2 included the implementation of booking functionality and site enhancements.

The Results

Skyline now has an industry-leading site that showcases their tourism offering and distinctly highlights their two New Zealand locations. Users are able to see all that Skyline has to offer at a single click and the engaging features like the activity picker make the user experience second to none. 

Having recently launched the website for their international operation, Skyline Luge, Terabyte was delighted to take the NZ site live, rounding out their new and improved digital presence for this iconic tourism offering.