Making DIY a breeze with Placemakers Pro App

Understand & Transform

The Challenge

With a few Placemakers projects already under our belt, the team once again approached us with a fresh brief and an exciting challenge we couldn't turn down. To develop a mobile app for iOS and Android that provides user identification in-store and exposes trade pricing to customers who spend less than 50k annually.

The Solution

After a series of workshops, the vision for the app came to life, with specific functionality being required for single sign-in and in-store identification, the ability to search and display unique prices for each individual utilising the Ace API and allowing users to create wishlists and projects.

Allowing both iOS and Android users to download the app was an absolute must, so the cross-platform build on Google's Flutter framework best matched the client's objectives.

You bring the job, they'll make it easy! PlaceMakers Pro App was a collaboration between the Tera Team and Placemakers as a tool to reward users with discounts and benefits to make their trade and DIY jobs easier.