New Zealand Avocado

Promoting NZ produce on the international stage with NZ Avocado

Understand & Transform

The Challenge

Two sites – one redesign and restructure. NZ Avocados industry site, which had been around for some time, needed a restructure. This was driven by a user need to find and obtain information much more easily. NZ Avocado undertook consumer research with the industry audience to determine the most crucial areas for a redesign. It soon became clear that the search functionality and navigation was particularly vital to ensuring a smooth customer experience.

The Solution

After a series of workshops, we decided to create two separate but integrated sites with specialised functionalities and cohesive styles. The industry site housed member-only information which required sign-in integration and security, while the consumer site needed an overall refresh to streamline the user experience.

The Result

Using WordPress with Terabyte’s Design Language System, we were able to create flexible content pages with the ability to create variable structures using common components across the sites to ensure a cohesive design across sites while also enhancing the functionality and navigation of pages. 

NZ Avocado had two big undertakings on the book. Two sites, different goals, one solution.