Enhancing the eCommerce experience with a user-focused solution for Mico


The Challenge

In 2019, we partnered with Mico Plumbing to design and build a new website which delivered an improved UX, supported a much broader product catalogue and improved its eCommerce. While the initial site was built from a content-centric perspective, a goal was to also explore how customers would search, discover and purchase Mico’s key products, online.

Although Mico's sales were significant and further growth was projected, the initial platform was not intended to support a significant growth in sales. A more scalable and feature-rich B2B eCommerce platform was needed.

The Solution

After detailed discussions, ideations and solutions analysis we identified that moving to the BigCommerce Platform would resolve all their existing eCommerce platform limitations.

As a BigCommerce Partner, we ensured that a smooth transition to the new commerce site would have no negative impact on the customer or sales experience.

Our BigCommerce team built and implemented a new site based on the UX of the initial website.

We implemented user research that had identified three key customer personas that we needed to create journeys for; ‘The Inspiration Gatherer’, ‘The Style Seeker’, and ‘I’m Ready to Buy’. This research ensured we delivered features that satisfied user needs, with a prominent and powerful site search, wish lists and simple, integrated commerce functionality. These features also allow users to browse and purchase products in a simple and intuitive way.

We also made available BigCommerce’s feature roadmap for future improvement projects.

The Results

Through a careful balance of aesthetics coupled with smart development techniques, the new Mico site has over-delivered on its expectations. Since its first launch in late 2019, the site has created a completely new revenue stream for the Mico business and it’s only growing with every improvement made. Transactions and revenue continue to grow exponentially. 

Mico approached Terabyte with one mission – to develop a improved digital experience that converts. And, that’s what we did.