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Founded in 1896, King’s College is a leading independent school in Auckland with an excellent and well known reputation, both in New Zealand and internationally, and so we were delighted to be part of their website rejuvenation project.

"We have gained much more from the process than just a superb new website. It has provided an opportunity for us to better understand our audiences and this has added value to all of our communications with them. The usability and appearance of our new website has met all our expectations and because Umbraco is so easy to use, we're enjoying updating the content more quickly and more often."

Claire Hewitt, Head of Advancement, King's College

This site needed to be accessible to a wide range of stakeholders representing different areas of the school including staff, the board, existing students, prospective students’ families and Old Collegians.  As the target audiences had already been identified, we held one discovery workshop, ensuring representatives from each of the target audiences was present.  Having ‘real users’ present at the discovery phase is advantageous as decisions can be validated quickly. 

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Following this extremely quick, efficient and rigorous discovery process, we got to work on the site map.  Easy navigation was a key requirement, particularly considering the breadth of different users involved.  Responsive design was also imperative. 

This website requires frequent updating and so a simple, intuitive and easily manageable CMS was also required – hello, Umbraco!   The previous design was relatively dark and so a brighter, fresher and more modern design template was introduced.

The school has an international audience, and in line with our adage “Taking Our Clients to the World”, King’s College now has a website which stands proud on the world stage.

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