MICO Makes It Easy is their brand promise, and this project worked to truly bring that statement to life by developing a digital experience that converts!

Mico Plumbing approached our studio with the challenge to help them develop a best-in-class customer experience for those looking to start a renovation project for their home. The key was to manage the unique purchasing journeys of their different customer segments, from first home buyers to property investors, all with varying needs.

After running a user research study to identify the user journeys we needed to cater for on the site, we summarised three key personas that we needed to create journeys for.

The Inspiration Gatherer

What the research said:

This user would come to the site to gather some ideas around quality finishes for their project while identifying the products being used.

Inspiration pages were created to tell a design story but with integrated product pods to allow the storyteller to tag in the products to create the inspired look.

The Style Seeker

What the research said:

Always on the pursuit of the latest style for their project, this user would seek out what’s popular or trending at the moment and try to replicate the look. We broke these users into 2 groups – budget conscious and big spenders.

Style pages were created with a unique feature that allowed a simple flow of content along with a product showcase to create the look within a budget or not.

I’m Ready to Buy

What the research said:

These users filled a category of either time-poor individuals that needed to order items to continue a project on a weekend, or those looking to save money on their upcoming project by ordering the finishing’s themselves.

Features like the prominent and powerful site search, wish lists and the simple commerce functionality allows the user to browse and purchase products in an simple and intuitive way.

The front-end can always look beautiful but the key to success is what happens behind the scenes. Using our popular CMS Umbraco, coupled with Ucommerce to power the commerce functionality, we integrated multiple APIs to gather product information, categorise inventory and power a smart search all in the pursuit of the perfect user experience. A careful balance of aesthetics coupled with smart development techniques means the new Mico site overachieved in its expectations. The site was built to outperform with strict benchmarks put in place to ensure a 3-second or under load-time.

What was really exciting about this project was that it was our first project utilising uCommerce as an online store with a commercial licence, and we were able to collaborate with multiple teams including Fletchers and Speakdata, all working towards the same goal.

Since its Launch in late 2019, the site has created a completely new revenue stream for the Mico business and it’s only growing with every insight and improvement made.

In the last 6 months, transactions are up 250% and revenues up 165%. There is still room for improvement and the site will grow strength by strength.