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Getting customers where they love faster with Ezi Car Rentals

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The Challenge

The previous Ezi Car website was built in WordPress, integrated with an off-the-shelf rental car booking platform that integrated with Cars Plus. This presented many limitations for adding new functionality to push ahead of the competition, as any development done for Ezi Car also ended up on the other platform users' websites. So, the question is – how do you stay ahead of the competition if you’re integrated with your competitors?

The Solution

A complete re-design that allows users to move seamlessly between content, driving a more intuitive and simple experience across all devices. The custom-built booking workflow and integrated fleet management system, partnered with simplified CMS allows deals and promotions to be set up and configured in seconds, which ensures the easy management of the fleet and better servicing of customers. The change in platform has also given Ezi Car total control of page creation using customised pods and layout templates, allowing them to update, create, build, and change content quickly and efficiently.

The Results

The new site delivered impressive stats, with visitor numbers remaining the same but conversions more than doubling since go-live. Within a week of go-live, the numbers were impressive, with a 75% increase in transactions on the same time last year across the 2 months of being live.

Ezi Car Rentals were on the lookout for a solution that would not only add functionality to their site but future-proof it, ensuring their offering continued to be cutting edge by adding custom booking processes and features.

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Getting customers where they love faster with Ezi Car Rentals

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