Terabyte Interactive celebrates 30 years of digital

June 19, 2020

Terabyte Interactive, New Zealand's most established digital marketing agency, is thrilled to be celebrating 30 years of digital, even amidst COVID-19.

In May this year, Terabyte officially marked their 30th-year in-market, sparking a trip down memory lane to look back on their rich history.

First launched as Teramedia in 1990, the Company produced content for CD-ROMs and created an award-winning edutainment internet portal. In fact, in 1998, Teramedia created and manufactured the first-ever CD-ROM in New Zealand alongside Xtra for the rollout of their very first internet connections.


The first CD-ROM manufactured in New Zealand by Terabyte Interactive


Since 1990, Terabyte has seen the digital landscape transform over the years and has proudly been able to transform with it, now working as one of New Zealand's premier digital marketing agencies crafting unique digital experiences that transform businesses.

Damian Swaffield, Terabyte's CEO, says this is a great milestone for a digital agency to reach, but it's a strange feeling to be celebrating during a pandemic.

“For a digital agency to have been in-market for 30 years is definitely something to celebrate and I'm proud of what Terabyte has achieved over the years. But, it's an interesting time to be celebrating too. COVID-19 is an unprecedented time and has brought with it many changes for the digital landscape. It just goes to show that after being around for 30 years, we've lasted through many market conditions and we will last through many more.”

Damian says Terabyte's core values of being based around exceptional clients and staff have allowed the Company to continue offering value to their clients in this new landscape.

“This time has reminded us what we do so well which is partnering with our clients to achieve great things. Terabyte is built on an amazing team of thinkers and doers, working with a range of extraordinary clients to bring to life their ideas. I want to say thanks to all our team of past and current clients and staff who truly make Terabyte what we are. We will continue to support our clients while they get back to business in this new landscape.”

A look back on Terabyte's history through their new 30 Years of Digital webpage, shows just how versatile the company is, working with some of the leading businesses in New Zealand.

Terabyte, at one time part-owned by INL, a Rupert Murdoch company, was the co-mastermind behind the original design and build of Virtual Spectator, the software first used to display the on-screen graphics for the America's Cup. Virtual Spectator has now been developed into its own brand and is still used during the America's Cup and for other sporting events worldwide.

Damian Swaffield says Terabyte will continue to push the boundaries of digital and look forward to the ongoing journey with their customers.

“Looking back on our history, it's incredible to see how we've changed as a business and how far we've come from the CD-ROM days, but quality endures, and we can't wait to see what another 30 years of digital brings!”

Damian Swaffield, CEO of Terabyte Interactive

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