Should I penetration test my site?

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April 28, 2021

We're living in an unpredictable digital era, as technology and the digital landscape are constantly evolving, it's important that we do too. Did you know, an average of 4,800 websites a month are compromised through cyber-attacks? And worse still, the average time it takes to identify a breach is 197 days with a further 69 days to contain it - that's a long time for your data to be compromised. It's vital that businesses remain vigilant and continue to make security improvements to their sites, to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. That's where we come in!

Before we get into it. What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (or Pentesting) is a simulated, ethical cyber-attack - we know, sounds scary but when done right it's incredibly beneficial! Essentially, a team of 'professional hackers' will attempt to breach the security of your site to find weaknesses and bugs, before hackers do. This is especially important if your site holds personal information or private data so you can make sure everything is as safe as possible. There'll be no leaked email addresses on our watch. After the test, we can take what is found and improve the security of your site. Easy as!

Terabyte Built My Site; Shouldn't It Be Secure?

Site security is of the utmost importance to Terabyte, so when we create a new site, we use all the data collated from pentesting and previous bug fixes to create secure, protected sites. But unfortunately, as web servers develop and hackers evolve, cyber-attacks on older systems (particularly sites three or more years old) become more likely. Sites that were secure, may now have security vulnerabilities. Not ideal! So, what can you do to protect your data?

The best way to secure your site, is to upgrade it. If your site is on an older version of Umbraco (Umbraco7 or below), upgrading your website to Umbraco8 will resolve any security issues - at least for now! But if you're not quite ready for an upgrade, or your site is on WordPress, a Penetration test is your best bet to find and fix any potential security threats. We know it's annoying to constantly worry about your site security, but that's why we're here. We'll do the worrying for you!

If your site is on Umbraco, it's important to upgrade or Pentest every few years. WordPress however, we recommend frequent testing but more importantly upgrading plugins every 3 months or so. WordPress is one of the largest website hosting platforms - so it's a big target for hackers. Ensure that the only hackers getting through to your site are ours!

What Does Terabyte Offer?

We offer our clients complete peace of mind. We can recommend independent services to carry out the testing for you. We then we can report and analyse the findings to make recommendations, and most importantly, can action any fixes and resolve any security threats the Pentest finds. Don't wait for a cyber-attack to think about your site security. The best protection is preventative.

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