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June 21, 2021

First Things First - What's Hotjar

Hotjar is a web analytics suite that offers insight into how your users interact with your site, based on real data from real users - live on your site. Hotjar monitors user's behaviour and feedback through four innovative features like heatmapping, recordings, incoming feedback, and surveys. Often you might think you know how your users interact with your digital assets, but the data will surprise you!

Our team of experts then analyses all the data collected to make suggestions and recommendations to enhance your user experience, drive more conversions and work to continuously improve your digital assets.


Heatmapping allows you to visualise user behaviour through several measured tests. You can see what users interact with the most, what point on a page users drop off the site, observe user behaviour with A/B testing and even compare engagement on a range of devices.

Hotjar heatmaps allow you to see where your most important content should be placed to optimise user experience and conversions while also allowing you to measure and track the consumer journey from the moment they land on your page.


Step behind the screen and into the mind of your users with recordings to see what they see. Recordings allow you to watch users interacting on your site, see how they navigate through the site - where they click, when they scroll, and when they U-Turn when they convert and even when they don't!

Recordings also allow you to sort through your data and define behaviour patterns for your different audiences. Do new users navigate through the site differently from experienced users? What are some pain points? Is there anything on the site that users had difficulty navigating? Recordings can help you answer all these questions and more and then you can make improvements to ensure a stress-free experience for your customers.

Incoming Feedback

If you have a section of the site that just isn't being interacted with the way you thought it would, the Incoming Feedback is for you. This Hotjar feature allows you to add real-time suggestion boxes to any part of your site to monitor user experience. Measure the enjoyment of your users and playback the experience of positive & negative viewers to get a clear picture of where your site can be improved.


Want to know how you can improve your site? Who better to ask than the people who actually use it? Hear directly from your users with targeted surveys, presented to them live on the site. Build custom surveys to uncover pain points, recruit users for testing, and learn what customers love or feel needs improvement about your site - so you can priorities making improvements without compromising the best parts.

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