We’re bringing 2FA to Umbraco!

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August 27, 2021

Your website is precious – not only have you invested a lot of time and effort into developing something that’s unique, but it represents your brand name. That’s why we need to prioritise keeping it safe. Relying on just your password to protect your digital assets can be risky.

If your website is on Umbraco 8 and above, we can now seamlessly add 2FA into your login process for that extra layer of security.

2-Factor authentication is common practice across many digital platforms nowadays including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, so you’re likely already familiar with how it works. But if not, let’s take a look…

What Is 2 Fa, and Why Do I Need It?

With the rise of online scams, data breaches and even just poor password management, making sure your digital assets are safe should be a top priority. If someone got their hands on your Umbraco login details, they could have full access to your website, control your content, delete important pages or even replace it with something sinister and affect your brand. That’s where 2FA comes in!

Introducing a two-step login process adds a layer of security to your account and makes it harder for an attacker to access your website backend. So, how does 2FA work?

Currently, when you log into your Umbraco site (or many other online tools), you need to enter your email address and password combo. With 2-factor authentication, there’s an extra step – you need your password plus something else before you’re able to log in.

2FA for our Umbraco sites is configured so that when you log in with your email address and password, you then trigger a unique, one-time code that’s emailed to you and must be entered before you’re granted access to your CMS. This way, even if someone does find out what your password is, they can’t access your account with this alone.

If your website is on Umbraco 8 and above and you’re interested in adding 2FA, reach out to your Account Manager for more info!

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