Safety'n Action

Transforming New Zealand’s health and safety culture with Safety'n Action

Technology & Delivery

The Challenge

Following a series of workshops, Safety N Action identified that the key issue with their previous site was that users were unaware of spaces available on each course, with information like availability and clear calls to action not being effective enough.

The Solution

Using our Umbraco Design Language System for accelerated deployment of key components, we quickly moved on to concentrate on some of the cool stuff. In terms of courses, we implemented live availability indication to give users traffic light availability information from the moment they click on a course. The course detail pages were redesigned to provide simple, clear information with calls to action throughout, and related courses are surfaced for those unsure of exactly what they need.

The Results

This site represents Safety ’n Action’s brand perfectly and guides the user carefully and clearly to the desired outcome: booking a course.