Our Best-Ever Christmas Presents

We've all got one: that present you'll remember forever. Here's ours...

Mara A Saatva mattress from my husband. What can I say? I love my sleep!

Jumma My first BMX.

Lizzie A bike, when I was 7, wrapped up with a big bow and parked under the tree.

Darren A BMX when I was 10.

Mark A handmade book from my partner of the things we'd done together. It was incredibly sweet.

Poppy A Nokia 2100 when I was 13 :)

Alok A vintage photo frame.

Bridget My special edition Pokemon Gameboy with Pokemon Yellow (which I still own and occasionally play!)

Melissa An Action Man! (I was a tomboy). Pull the cord,: "I'm going in for a look"; "Watch out", "Be careful"!

Damian An astronaut suit when I was six. I used it on my toboggan in the snow.

Doug My first windsurfer.

Simon My first rifle when I was 8!

Murray Jesus!

Andrew A new surfboard.

Anne Ca$h!

Jason My first cat!


Olie Undies and socks. Thanks Mum!

Christine A pair of Prada shoes.

Paul A huge train set when I was 12, given to me on Boxing Day when I thought I'd had all my presents :)

Matthew The Kenner Millennium Falcon Playset that I got in 1983. No other Christmas present has come anywhere close to this.

Jamie A trampoline when I was 8.

Michelle My brand new bronze Raleigh 20.

Charnae An odd-looking doll that I loved... and still have, somewhere in a box.

Chris My first Nintendo.