The Wynyard Group develop risk management and crime fighting software used all over the world. Their website tells the story of their innovation, state of the art technology, and their vision to make the world a safer place.

"Terabyte have understood our brand and mission, and the complex products and market Wynyard Group plays in. They have been able to turn this understanding of our crime-fighting software into a site that allows us the flexibility we need as a rapidly growing global company."

Daniel Clouston, Manager Brand and Communications, Wynyard Group

Our team at Terabyte are both passionately patriotic and geek chic.

We love seeing a New Zealand firm on the world stage helping to take the fight to the bad guys. And we were excited by the mechanics of Wynyard Group's software; text mining, language processing, social network analysis, anomaly detection, graphical modelling, machine learning, etc.

When we initially brainstormed the Wynyard Group project, we quickly agreed that we wanted to be part of this crew. The company's positioning and vision is very impressive.

Terabyte engaged in a discovery process with Wynyard Group, to flesh out their users' needs and the shortcomings of their then current website.

This process revealed a strong desire to pull in industry experts to bolster the integrity of Wynyard's offerings. This is a key feature of the Wynyard Group website's positioning and gives authority to the Wynyard Group brand.

This, along with the site's clean design, support Wynyard Group's innovative solutions and first-class strategic governance.