We love New Zealand and when we won Tourism New Zealand’s corporate website we were over the moon. It feels so right for us to help push New Zealand tourism and help grow its contribution to our GDP.

"The Terabyte team's efficiency, enthusiasm and creativity was crucial in getting this project right. We are delighted with the finished product."

Tourism New Zealand Public Affairs Team

When Terabyte won the pitch for Tourism New Zealand's corporate website we were simply over the moon. Not only is Tourism a major contributor to New Zealand's GDP, but it is an exciting and growing industry.

While clearly Tourism New Zealand is tasked with the incredibly important function of promoting New Zealand as a destination to visit, they also play the equally vital role of supporting New Zealand's Tourism industry onshore and its tourism operators.

Due to the impacts of economic climates on passenger movements, now more than ever our tourism industry must be kept abreast of key statistics and information that will assist them and support their business success. The new Umbraco CMS powered website offers a wealth of up-to-date information from passenger arrivals to visitor satisfaction monitors, all the way through to current trends, events and news.

A key highlight of working on this project (beyond working with the wonderful and informed team within Tourism New Zealand), was their absolute commitment to getting this solution right for their customers. Surveys were sent out to Tourism Operators seeking their assistance and feedback as to what would make up a valuable online information system/tool for them - we love a customer who loves their customers!

The Tourism New Zealand corporate site is currently undergoing a redesign so stay tuned for a new responsive website in the coming months!

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