The Hermitage Hotel saw significant changes in their market with their customers' direct bookings increasing, increased bookings from Kiwis and Aussies, increased bookings from agents worldwide and increased length of stay.

The Hermitage was wanting to replace a 3rd Party central booking service and various other internal booking systems with an accommodation and activity-booking platform that would provide more flexibility, upsell their other activities such as the Hilary Centre and Glacier Explorers, and reduce significant costs of 3rd party commissions and reservations administration.

The new booking engine, design and built by Terabyte, would cover:

  • Third party accommodation and activity bookings
  • Glacier Explorers - direct reservations

We went through a detailed user interface design phase which included video recorded usability testing to ensure the booking process was intuitive and easy to use.

We integrated the booking engine with the hotel's existing Maxial hotel management system using web services.

The booking engines also allows Hermitage flexibility in:

  • Up-sell / cross-sell with preference for related activities
  • Cross-marketing capability
  • Flexible content management of the booking information for rooms and activities
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Third party booking support for agents and partners allowing direct bookings from the website
  • Ability to use promotion codes to track ROI for campaigns

The new booking engine has not only reduced the workload on their reservations staff and increased direct and agent bookings online, but direct booking numbers have increased since go-live. This resulted in increased revenue for the Hermitage, and their investment in this new application was paid off within the year.


2010 Onyas Finalist - Best User Experience

Next phase

This project is now complete with the deployment of: The Hermitage website

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