Syrp is a New Zealand company, originally funded with a Kickstarter project, dedicated to making better films. Experts in specialist camera equipment which improve and extend the capabilities of photographers and filmmakers around the world, Syrp is a NZ technology success story, selling internationally and considered top of their game in many areas.

The Syrp team came to Terabyte with a plan for a site which would represent a massive change to their business model.

The previous website, built on Drupal, focused primarily on the US and New Zealand sales, with distributors in other regions handling overseas transactions. An international eCommerce solution was required.

One “multi site” ( is comprised of five connected WordPress sites; four eCommerce sites for NZ, Europe,  USA and Asia, and a global content site where product information is housed.

Using Woo Commerce premium functionality, products can be bundled together, with appropriate discounts applied and the relevant information pushed through to the warehouse (SKU’s etc). Two payment gateways have been integrated – Paypal and Stripe – and geolocation has been incorporated.

The composite product functionality allows users to build their own bundles, again with all relevant data sent in the background.

As overseas distribution is handled by a third party, part of our brief was to integrate with that warehouse, providing a seamless buying experience for the user: just three clicks from product to purchase.


"Terabyte took a flexible approach from the beginning and found the most appropriate solution for our needs rather then proposing to build something that they are familiar with. With a full team of experienced developers behind it we’re thrilled with the transformation and proud to be offering our products in multiple regions around the world".

Ben Ryan, Director of Syrp

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