Sudima Hotels are a group of four hotels based at Auckland Airport, Hamilton, Rotorua and Christchurch Airport. Properties in Auckland Central, Christchurch Central and Kaikoura are planned for development in 2019. Originally a family business, Sudima Hotels prides itself on its friendly, family-focused culture and this makes them not only a great place to stay, but a great organisation to work with.

With a website that had been in existence for some time with very little in the way of improvement, Sudima Hotels' new marketing team quickly identified the opportunities digital could bring to the business, especially in light of the exciting new developments scheduled for 2019 in Auckland, Christchurch and Kaikoura.

The pitch to find a digital partner aimed to find a collaborative agency with a proven track record of delivery, something we do very well – needless to say, Terabyte was delighted to be chosen.

This project was originally a website refresh incorporating Sudima Hotels' new branding, however it soon became apparent that a build was preferable in order to future-proof the site, as new hotels and products are added going forward.

The initial “Ideation” phase involved a workshop covering many stakeholders across various aspects of the business, making sure all of their needs were met. This resulted in a set of wireframes and then visual design was undertaken to reflect the new branding. This site represented the launch of Sudima Hotels' new branding, adding an extra pinch of excitement to the go-live!

The website’s information architecture was revamped to facilitate a much easier user journey through the various properties. Mobile optimisation was paramount, something that had been lacking somewhat in the old site.

The site is integrated with the TravelClick booking engine, with whom we worked closely to achieve a seamless booking experience for the guest, surfacing the best available flexible rate for each room.

Another successful partnership on this project was with Ocean Design, Sudima Hotels' brand agency, who worked closely with us to ensure the brand was appropriately represented throughout the site.

This website represents a true reflection of Sudima Hotels' brand and provides the opportunity for them to continually enhance and add to their content, something the Sudima Group will be doing a lot of in 2019. Watch this space!


It was awesome to once again have the opportunity to work with the extremely talented team from Terabyte. And as expected Terabyte delivered an amazing complex website for us on time. "This was the first step in our digital transformation here at Sudima Hotels and it was so well received. The approach they take in the build is amazing – fluid, organic, precise, agile and most of all they make it so much fun! All the key things you need when executing a successful digital solution".

Dipika Patel, Digital Marketing Manager, Sudima Hotels

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