Promapp is process management software that helps companies build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository. Industries using Promapp range from charities and local government to IT and telecommunications. Promapp drives process improvement by simplifying process mapping, so that business teams can own and improve their own processes.

"Promapp is our core application, it’s the heart of our business. We entrusted Terabyte with an overhaul of it’s user interaction and design, and I’m pleased to say they hit it out of the park for us..."

Ivan Seselj, Director, Promapp

Promapp first approached Terabyte to design their website then their new touchscreen product, created to make it as easy as possible for teams on-site to learn and execute processes safety and correctly. Simplicity and ease of use was key, so Terabyte designed a sleek experience which made selecting and stepping through the process easy.

The Promapp application itself was in line for a design refresh and it had some general UI and user flow issues that needed addressing. Terabyte took to work with Promapp, evaluating the users needs, looking at user flow and behaviors and started to map out simpler ways to get tasks done. After the basics of the application was built, developing the new Risk & Compliance and Quality Module went smoothly following our own best existing practices.

"We’re going from strength to strength, helped by Promapp’s new look and feel, which has won rave reviews from our client base, including companies like McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Hyundai. Not bad for a Mt Eden software company!"

Ivan Seselj, Director, Promapp

Terabyte also turned the designs into modern HTML/CSS working alongside Promapp's developers who integrated the front end code into the application.

Promapp now have a professional looking world-class on-line application which is simple to use, encourages team collaboration, and empowers process owners to drive business improvement.