Following a technical discovery session with all the key stakeholders, the brains of the new loyalty system (built by SpeakData) was linked via an API to the PlaceMakers' POS, AA and the new site built by us. After the migration of the existing loyalty programme members to the new system, these members were emailed and asked to create a password for the new member portal, providing a seamless transition from the old system to the new.

The new site uses smart validation on registration to check against the existing database and avoid duplication against the existing loyalty programme users. To ensure the process is as friction-free as possible, the autofill functionality prepopulates the customers' "Favourite" PlaceMakers store based on their postcode. New members can simply add their AA Smartfuel number to link their accounts.

Once set up, members are able to keep track of in-store savings, their AA Smartfuel balance and any PlaceMakers fuel add-ons. They can view their transactions including rewards earned and easily edit their profile. Oh, and thinking of everything, any legacy vouchers are visible on the users' dashboard.

They showed great flexibility and were truly team players, managing to keep things on target even when other parties who they were dependent on were slightly behind. They supplied all deliverables as planned with capable project management and also provided quick turnaround on defects.


The Admin Portal offers PlaceMakers Head Office staff a dashboard, featuring graphs of various vital statistics and trends. A member search functionality means the team can drill down into customers’ details including transactions, rewards earned, vouchers and are able to add and edit a users profile as part of their ongoing customer service for Know How Rewards. PlaceMakers store staff are provided with a simplified Store View, including Member Search and edit functionality to offer a seamless in store experience.

The site has been designed with user experience at the forefront, ensuring potential obstacles to signup are eliminated wherever possible. Clear calls to action are located throughout the site and the design is clean and simple, ensuring the best possible chance of nurturing the user through to conversion, i.e. signing up for the rewards programme. (What are you waiting for?!)