Several years after completing the initial build, and numerous tweaks, enhancements and iterations later, Palmerston North City Council now have a new and revitalised web presence.

“The process of both redesigning and platforming a website of this breadth and scale is not a small proposition and getting it right is critical, as is having the right vendor. The working relationship between PNCC and Terabyte is one with a proven track record and more importantly it’s the built-up trust that’s given rise to an environment for deeper collaboration and innovation: it’s a true partnership”

Hamish Richardson, Online Advisor, Palmerston North City Council

Servicing both existing and prospective Palmerston North residents, the PNCC website packs a huge amount of functionality into a great looking package.

Taking into account the latest in UX and responsive design, whilst ensuring Government accessibility standards are adhered to, Terabyte and PNCC are proud to set a new benchmark for Local Government web design.

At its core the PNCC website provides both a one-stop point of contact and information repository for Palmerston North residents.

The website covers a huge amount of ground, providing users with hundreds of articles containing topics like living and working in Palmerston North, Council activities, events, the community, and much more.

"You look forward to projects at each turn when you have a team of people the calibre of Terabyte in your corner. Once again, collectively we have delivered something to be proud of which adds value to our rate payers and residents’ online experience with Council.”

Hamish Richardson, Online Advisor, Palmerston North City Council

Standout features include the always helpful online self service functions under the Do It Now banner, along with the front and centre Quicklinks section including the surprisingly popular Cemetery and Cremation Search!

 Almost 12 months in its creation, this project has been a long time coming but one that has been well worth the wait. We congratulate Palmerston North City Council on a job well done and look forward to continuing our long standing partnership.

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