We have had a long standing relationship with NZTE and have worked with them on a number of marketing campaigns. Our biggest project yet was the redevelopment of the Export and Trade website that works brilliantly across smartphone, tablet and desktop platforms delivering valuable content tailored for 7 regions and across 4 languages.

NZTE is New Zealand's international business development agency.

Their role is to help New Zealand businesses grow bigger, better, faster in international markets. They work with approximately 1500 - 2000 businesses at any one time and focus intensively on an active portfolio of 500 that have the scale and ambition to succeed internationally.

This latest website project looked at combining two websites into one.  This combined two audiences, namely those businesses wishing to export to the world stage together with those looking to invest in New Zealand.  Two audiences, two sets of content, one goal.

To add to the complication, business around the world is now done in many different places; cafés, meeting rooms, remote locations, etc.  This brings a whole range of technology to the table, with users all wanting to seek and view the same content.   No longer can we predict the browser or even device someone is going to use.

Step in, responsive design.  A mobile first approach, with quality content at the heart.  No matter what content you are looking for or what device you are using the new NZTE website delivers.

Don't worry, we haven't sacrificed the whizz… we've packed the templates with neat functionality all aimed at delivering the message to the user.  This functionality ranges from formatting text or adding simple quotes, through to nifty image and video galleries pulling content from Flickr, YouTube or the CMS and much much more.  There is even an overlay to the homepage and landing pages to enable content, and SEO, to be tailored to specific regions.

Content editors now have simple templates with bags of flexibility.

The solution hosted within the Amazon Cloud to ensure that it is fast around the world, no matter where you are from New York to Hong Kong… or even New Zealand.


NZTE Export and Trade Website
Official Honoree for the 18th Annual Webby Awards.