Redeveloping the NZ Steel website involved a large discovery and consolidation process to ensure that the new website could meet various stakeholder and audience needs. As the business was looking to grow and diversify, the website needed to be a primary communications vehicle for NZ Steel, a leader in the steel and manufacturing industry.

"The Discovery stage effectively steered the site architecture, key content, site map and template requirements. This process has given us an intuitive website which is scalable for use on tablets and smart phones."

Chris Kay, Marketing Manager, New Zealand Steel

New Zealand Steel's business diversification within the industry let to its digital presence becoming somewhat diluted and over-subscribed over time.  

The business had grown to have multiple brands selling into multiple industry sectors - these included Steltech, Axxis, Colorsteel and Zincalume. Communication across five separate websites was not providing the overall business with the clear paths it required.

The website needed to be redeveloped to increase the company's market share and raise New Zealand's steel industry.  

Terabyte's solution was to conduct a series of workshops with key stakeholders across each brand to identify their needs and balance those with the wider business communication requirements. It was also deemed important to ensure access to the site from multiple devices and screen sizes, which necessitated a responsive design framework. Encompassing this was a consolidation of all sites into one major brand site under the NZ Steel domain providing for clear communication pathways and efficient information flows.

As NZ Steel continues to grow and diversify, Terabyte will be there to ensure the digital strategy remains a core contributor to the business and industry.