NZMA is a large tertiary education organisation providing vocational courses and training in a range of industries, including Health, Early Childhood, Sport and Foundation, Pharmacy, Hospitality, Retail and Business.

The creation of a new brand in 2005 resulted in new building signage and brochures, which were rolled out across advertising campaigns on AdShells, billboards and busbacks. In parallel with this activity, we created ground breaking Facebook apps that drive enquiry.  

When NZMA moved to new premises, we created new signage and billboards around the campus, together with annual brochures, advertising and social media campaigns.

Keeping things fresh, the website has undergone three redesigns over the years: the current design is the clients' own: the website sits on a major integration with NZMA’s CRM and boasts a large back-end portal for student and teacher assessments and information.