New Zealand Avocado works with avocado growers in NZ to promote and advance the industry internationally. They encourage and support innovation and collaboration of our avocado industry.

With two sites built utilising a common theme and componentry base, this project required careful thought around its information architecture, navigation and functionality.

The industry site, which had been around for some time, was in particular need of restructuring. Growers needed to surface information much more easily. NZ Avocado undertook consumer research with the industry audience to determine the most crucial areas for the redesign. It soon became clear that the search functionality was particularly vital. The search functionality is prominent across both sites and a live search feature has been built in.

A series of workshops took place to audit information architecture and content. The new site structure was then created.  The main navigation, Grow – Pack – Market, allows industry members to quickly find the areas they’re looking for at a high level, then through topic landing pages we help guide them down to underlying content effectively and efficiently.

Built on WordPress, this project was created using Terabyte’s Design Language System. This means the CMS provides flexible content pages and the ability to create variable structures using common components across the pages. Specific components were built for both the consumer site (e.g. recipes) and industry site (e.g. events).

On the industry site, member-only content is accessed via a single sign-in using an integration with Key Cloak. This allows members to use their existing account details to access all NZ Avocado properties and tools seamlessly. 

Across both sites, design was kept clean and simple as information is key to their success. 

Helping NZ industry take its story to the world is one of the things we love most, so working with this client was particularly rewarding. We look forward to many more exciting projects in the future. 

‘Terabyte has been great to work with, delivered to deadlines every time. Our project manager had great communication and was easy to work with. We are really happy with the outcomes and look forward to continuing our relationship.’

Anna Livingston, Market Manager, NZ Avocado

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