For Jemini, we created a unique digital experience to complement the bold aesthetic and UX of the Jemini software. Bringing the site to life with a strong brand personality and inspirational visuals.

Our friends at Fusion5 came to us to help them create an inspirational digital experience for their revolutionary HR & Payroll solution, Jemini.  The new site needed to establish a strong brand personality, while both inspiring visitors to consider the wins a genuinely 'end to end' HRIS product can bring, and convert that curiosity into enquiries - and of course, leads.

The Jemini legacy site was basic Squarespace. It was a bit too dark to really let their lively brand sing, plus the functionality of the site was outdated – it wasn’t optimised for search, and was not performing as desired in terms of actively driving quality leads.

After an ideate workshop (totally virtual thanks to COVID-19!), we designed and built an Umbraco 8 digital experience centered on our very own Design Language System. This allowed us to rapidly develop a customised website for Jemini using pre-built components and features without compromising on quality and user experience. We were able to focus on custom components that enhanced the experience and integrated with their internal Marketing Automation system, Eloqua.

We worked to align Jemini's content with the new digital experience, crafting benefit-driven and emotive website copy, which connects with, and engages visitors. By stripping back some of the technical speak and drawing on the pain points users of competitor solutions have, we were able to create content that targets the right users, and drives meaningful conversions. With targeted keyword research and SEO-optimised copy, we set the Jemini website up for success.

This project has a special place in our hearts because it was our first lockdown project! We ran the workshops completely virtually via online collaboration tools like Miro (which we have continued to use post-lockdown), and the ideate & design stages were completed by the Tera Team while working from home – it just goes to show what can be achieved with the power of digital!

“The Terabyte team made this project not only easy and successful, but also enjoyable! They really worked hard to understand our needs, in a very short amount of time, and delivered solutions that made us smile. When we were struggling to get the right tone for our content, they came to our rescue (at the last minute!) and provided us with concise, engaging, straight to the heart of the matter wording that just 'clicked' with what we wanted. The new Jemini site is a joy to experience, low-maintenance to manage, and most importantly, is generating significantly more enquiries, of higher quality, than its predecessor. We are delighted.”

Trudi Allerby, Marketing Manager