Instant Finance came to us not just for a new website, but for a total digital transformation! Traditionally they were paper based, needing customers to visit a branch and fill out a form to begin their personal loan journey. The goals for their new digital experience was to not only allow for streamlined online applications, but to improve conversion rates, build an engaging experience and deliver efficient inbound marketing.

After completing a series of workshops and user research exercises, we defined the project goals, technical solution & customer journey and started the design and build of the Instant Finance digital experience. Every step of the way we were informed by our research and designed a user interface with engaging features like the loan calculator function and the streamlined online application form that saves as you go. Built on a powerful Umbraco base, we integrated with multiple third-party systems like Centrix, CreditSense, AddressFinder and to the Instant Finance Loan Management software to allow for a paperless experience, speeding up the application process for customers.  

One of the most important aspects of this first phase of the Instant Finance digital transformation was to provide a base application that was built for enterprise requirements and offered a future-proof framework for easily adding additional, complex features and integrations in the future. Terabyte’s Digital Experience Platform built on the Umbraco CMS provided the perfect solution for this key requirement.

Through our research, we knew that 80% of the traffic to the site visited via mobile devices, so we created a mobile-first design for the loan application forms and ensured components were perfect for a small screen. Keeping with the personal touch that Instant Finance is well known for, we implemented online chat as well as other simple and intuitive mechanisms to contact an agent throughout your application journey.

“Terabyte has proven to be an invaluable technology and digital marketing partner, thoughtfully and expertly contributing to the success of our digital transformation journey. They were instrumental in the "go live" execution of our Phase 1 website development enabling Instant Finance to continue to trade during level 4 Covid-19 lockdown. They are a customer focussed, highly skilled, trusted adviser and very thorough with all aspects of the website development lifecycle and ongoing SEO. Their reporting Is comprehensive and accurate, providing true visibility. Their appreciation of both marketing and technology is a unique combination and their people are a delight to work with.”

Pam Nobbs, General Manager Technology