An exciting new player in the telecommunications scene, FeeniX Communications were in need of an effective online presence, very quickly. Terabyte were delighted to be appointed their digital partner - and we learned a few things along the way.

"Terabyte worked with our initially vague requirements, helping us to drill in accurately on what we needed for our website, from layout to imagery and beyond, and allowing us to have as much input as we could handle. By the end of the process we had a website that we are proud of - and we enjoyed the process along the way."

Jono Armstrong, Chief Technical Officer

FeeniX is an exciting new player in the telecommunications scene, with a significant national and international network which has been purpose-built for consumption by businesses as wholesale inputs. Through modern technology, widespread automation and carrier-grade operations, they make telecommunications business lines as trouble-free and profitable as they can be.

This isn’t the FeeniX team’s first foray into the telecommunications space – they are Telco industry veterans who have earned a reputation among New Zealand’s top enterprises and other telecommunication providers for both their work on secure, high-performance network solutions, and their straightforward way of doing business. With FeeniX, they promise more of the same great approach, this time to address their observations that the telecommunications industry is still remarkably manual and inefficient.

As the business has lifted off, the need for an online presence has become very important, very quickly. Terabyte were thrilled to be approached by FeeniX, and put together a plan to get a site up and live “by yesterday”. X weeks later, a beautiful, functional website was released to the world.

Because the Feenix brand is so new, Terabyte worked very closely with the FeeniX team to get the conceptual design and “feel” of the website just right, so assets from the website could be rolled out into other brand collateral.

Content creation was a challenge for the Terabyte team, who had to quickly revise their Telco lingo to understand FeeniX’s requirements. Likewise the FeeniX team were exposed to a different type of tech to their usual fare. Although this was a slight step outside both parties’ comfort zones, everyone came out the other side a little smarter than they started.

The new website is visually striking, with a design that has a corporate feel, but has FeeniX’s personality dotted throughout. For a company that is driven by relationships, getting this atmosphere across was an essential success factor.

The FeeniX team were fantastic to work with, and their knowledge and expertise shines throughout the site. With more exciting developments in the pipeline, we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with FeeniX.

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