A client of Terabytes' for some time now, Explore Group offers amazing experiences to tourists and locals in both NZ and Australia, including sailing and dolphin discovery experiences, Cape Reinga dune exploration and much more. Explore Group has been showing off the very best of NZ and Australia to the world for many years now. 

Explore Group's website had been designed and built by Terabyte some years ago. It was doing a great job in reaching its audience and converting traffic, however Explore Group know how important it is to keep up to date with modern UX and design practices. So the decision was made to rebuild and redesign the site on the latest version of Umbraco. 

An ideation workshop was held to define the requirements, and a key goal was to ensure the booking pathway was clear and intuitive, providing an easy user experience through to conversion.

The new website is visually exciting and engaging and leverages the excellent video footage created by the client*. It is integrated with a social aggregator, an absolute must for a tourism site.

This site is built to engage and convert. The home page includes a widget which presents the user with a question, “What do you want to do today?” Based on the location and amount of time the user has to spend, the most appropriate experiences and excursions are served up. Each experience is presented in a ‘tour pod’ which has a detail flyover, with a top level explanation. Clicking “Read More” takes the user to a custom tour page with clear calls to action for booking.

The Australian site is built in – two sites for the price of one, thanks to our Design Language System.  The design and style is consistent between both sites, and the user can move seamlessly between the two.

Working with our friends at Customlinc, we have integrated a booking engine. The booking process has been heavily streamlined, with around three stages removed, reducing friction and bounce. The booking engine includes an availability grid fed by live booking data. 

As is the habit of all solid digital marketing strategies, a continual improvement programme is in place. Explore Group continue to work closely with us on making sure their site is constantly optimised. They’re loving working in the easy-to-use CMS and we look forward to a long and continued digital journey with this wonderful client!

Three months post go-live and the bounce rate is down by 8.5% with the average session duration and pages per session up by 8% and 7% respectively.

*Whilst Explore Group already possessed a lot of quality video content, we are able to assist with video production for digital marketing purposes, including website design.

"Terabyte were an absolute dream to work with from beginning to end. They really listened to what we were after with our new site and offered great solutions and ideas. They’re super collaborative, have great support on hand, and managed to package everything we needed into a website that is both beautiful and functional. I cannot praise working with them enough!"



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