This was a huge effort to consolidate 8 websites into one to tell the story of dairy farming in NZ and be a resource to farmers, stakeholders and industry professionals across the country.

"After a thorough vendor selection process, we chose to work with Terabyte. This has proved to be a good decision, as our website consolidation project was large and complex but it went very smoothly."

Andrew Fraser, Brand Marketing Manager

For this project, we rolled up our sleeves, pulled on our gumboots and got stuck in!

Regularly cited as the back bone to the New Zealand economy, the dairy industry's importance to New Zealand is undisputed. It is with this in mind that DairyNZ was formed back in 2007 with a focus on enhancing the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of New Zealand dairy farming. DairyNZ aim to do this by leading innovation in world-class dairy farming through research, extension and advocacy to ensure that dairy farming is successful.

Spanning 8 websites with 5,500 pages of content ranging from farmer focused to education related, DairyNZ's web footprint was significant. The problem was that due to this high number of sites and large amount of content, the user experience was not ideal. DairyNZ decided to review its web presence and determined a number of factors such as navigation difficulties, duplication of content, poor content management, inconsistent and non-responsive design, confusing branding, multiple vendors ... the list was long.

So the brave decision was made to rebuild their web presence and consolidate the multitude of websites into one fountain of knowledge for dairy farming in New Zealand.   

We began a significant discovery phase with DairyNZ to engage the whole business in the project. Whilst the initial brief was comprehensive, nothing beats hearing it from the source. Collecting and distilling all the feedback from across the business enabled us to capture the needs and desires of all stakeholders. Balancing all of these with overall requirements and feeding this into the design process is our speciality!