This online tool is proving invaluable by helping farmers organise the myriad of issues surrounding one of the most important aspects of the operation: their people.

"We initially approached Terabyte with a problem that we needed to solve but didn’t know how to execute it as an online tool - Terabyte guided us through a process of discovery, working with us and our farmers to identify the key feature that would bring real benefit to our end users."

Cam Camilleri, Product Manager - People and Business, DairyNZ

The business of organising staff rosters can be challenging for many businesses, and dairy farming is no exception. A well planned roster will be integral to the efficiency of an operation, spreading the workload evenly and avoiding costly mistakes. Not only beneficial to the business owner but to their employees, this online tool can be viewed by both management and employees. The result? Everyone's on the same page and all areas of the business are covered by the team.

Of course, none of the above is possible without someone - or something - doing a lot of thinking and forward planning around shift rotations, skill sets required, hours required, employment rules, etc. Historically the tools for this planning have ranged from spreadsheets to whiteboards and blackboards, to scraps of paper pinned to a shed wall. DairyNZ's Roster Builder heralds the end of all that!

The Roster Builder also acts as an HR tool for farmers, recording annual leave and hours used / remaining each week.

A large part of DairyNZ's role is to support on-farm change, build capability and mititage risk. With this in mind, their team approached us with the specific "roster building" problem in mind. We love this stuff - when our clients come to us with a problem that can be solved digitally and we get the opportunity to collaborate and produce something innovative and ground breaking. Together, we did just that.

With a unique login, the user is able to create several "Farm Dairies". They can then add their chosen roster rotation, staff linked to that rotation, confirm the shifts and build their roster. The tool will then produce a roster overview which can be easily manipulated. The interface flags "crunch" points, advising the user where there is (and isn't) sufficient coverage, allowing shuffling of staff for full optimisation. From a high-level overview to a drill-down look at each day and who's on, the system is extremely intuitive and easy to use.


"I’m not exactly sure when it happened but we were enthused to see that somewhere through the process the project became as much theirs as it was ours, a major contribution to the budget, scope and quality integrity."

Cam Camilleri, Product Manager - People and Business, DairyNZ

"Terabyte run a well-orchestrated and managed Agile process to consistently review, test and improve the plan for delivery. The overall result has been a project that the end users and stakeholders alike are very pleased with and we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship of trust, delivery and open, constructive communication."

Cam Camilleri, Product Manager - People and Business, DairyNZ

Once the roster has been constructed, it can be easily shared with employees digitally - or printed and pinned to the shed wall!

Terabyte's partnership with DairyNZ has grown from strength to strength over the years. We were delighted to add this project to the growing portfolio of work undertaken in partnership with the authority on New Zealand's important dairy industry. Personally, we think any business with plenty of staff working varying shifts should have a roster builder of their very own!