DairyNZ’s Rosie’s Education website provides resources for teachers nationwide - getting classes learning about the dairy industry with fun and engaging teacher materials.

"Terabyte were brought in after the original concept for the new site had been developed. They could have simply done what we asked, but they pushed back and came up with an alternative methodology to achieve our outcomes."

Andrew Fraser - Brand Marketing Manager DairyNZ

Terabyte built DairyNZ an education tool that allows teachers to filter and select teaching resources and develop their lessons from a large variety of teacher and student guides and fact sheets.

Users are able to view a synopsis before choosing to add the item to their custom lesson plan.  Multiple guides can be added to a basket and once complete the teacher can request their tailored plan. 

On form submission, the guides are merged together into a single PDF which is downloaded directly to the computer. Similtaneously a confirmation email is also sent to the user.  Within this email there is a unique link which enables them to revisit their tailored plan online at any time.

"They did a great job resolving the design and user experience, so we now have site that looks great, works well and will be hugely instrumental in extending and growing the use of our teaching resources."

Andrew Fraser - Brand Marketing Manager DairyNZ

Managed via an Umbraco CMS the administrators can add and categorise new lessons and also create relationships between guides by tagging content.

This is a unique and engaging education tool.  We look forward to seeing the website updates as teachers and students engage with the lessons and also provide their feedback by interactiing with the star rating system.

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