DairyNZ invests heavily in research and development, employing the very best people to gather information which can be used by our dairy farmers to improve their operations. So much information needs to be communicated / filtered appropriately so the farmers, who don’t have a lot of time to sift through it all, can access what they need quickly. And so Phase 1 of DairyNZ’s Personalisation Project was conceived.

The personalisation magic happens when a user chooses their region on the home page. Each region surfaces a corresponding default calving date, which can also be further personalised by the user. This is supplemented with a “Planning Ahead” menu, covering key tasks for attention leading up to this important date. The page also provides regional information, events and news, and contact details for the local Consulting Officers. The user’s favourite pages & tools, available for picking throughout the site, are also displayed on this page.

DairyNZ work hard to meet the needs of their users: the new feedback tool built during this project offers an opportunity for users to provide their opinion on the website’s content. A dashboard disseminates feedback which the DNZ team uses to make sure they’re serving the most relevant and useful content.

We’re looking forward to Phase 2, which will involve a portal, allowing the user to log in and enabling DairyNZ to improve utilisation of this information, negating the need for cookies and ultimately helping our dairy farmers achieve their production goals.

As personalisation becomes more integral to the user journey, we love these projects where our clients take the bull by the horns (pun intended) to stay at the forefront of the digital game. And DairyNZ is a classic example of this type of client.

We are very happy with the reskin of our site. The design was a collaborative process and Terabyte were able to take our ideas and make them work.