As each of these entities has its own website, we were asked to create a home for all four organisations within one URL. This would need to provide clear pathways to each of the sites, enabling the user to quickly access their area of interest, whilst also providing compelling reasons to explore the rest of the site.

A real focus on design was made to include the beautifully crafted and dynamic brand guidelines laid out by Harvey Cameron. A unique customisation panel allows for the site to take on this dynamic look through its content, event and news pods and use the brand in bold and colourful ways.

As with all our Terabyte projects, it was delivered on time and exceeding our expectations. We look forward to working with them again on the next one!


The home page presents the user with large, visually rich pods which act as gateways to each individual site. Each pod contains a clear heading: a concise description of the site’s purpose is revealed upon hover, with a clear call to action to visit the subsidiary sites. Another unique element is the customised event listing, this allows for dynamic URLs so that each organisations’ events can be represented on the corporate site. Top level navigation invites the user to hit landing pages which include News, Publications, Events and Careers. Social sharing is prominently placed throughout the site.

Terabyte has a special fondness for the Christchurch and the Canterbury region, which has been reflected in our work with CCT over the years. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many more years to come, and being a very small part of the reinvention of Christchurch.