Christchurch International Airport Ltd (CIAL) wanted to attract more international tourists through their Gateway to the South Island and the website was limited to content managing English content. CIAL wanted to freshen the design and keep their industry leading position.

The Solution

The content management system (CMS) was upgraded to the latest version of Umbraco and multi-language support was introduced for an unlimited number of languages.

The design was freshened with the main change being repositioning of the navigation from vertical to horizontal. This gives more room in the page for their content, providing greater overall content flexibility.

The Results

The upgraded CMS gives more flexibility and they're able to change the website architecture and content to keep it aligned with their business strategy quickly and easily. CIAL have now published their key content in Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German supporting these incoming travellers in their native languages online.

The freshened design places them in an attractive market-leading position. Almost immediately, the home page bounce rate was reduced by 50% and home page views increased by 15%.

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