Cerebos Gregg's encorages people to stop comparing themselves to MasterChef and professional baristas. 
They tell people that their perfect is perfect.

It’s time to experiment with a dollop of this, a splash of that and a handful-ish of the other. It’s time to relax, enjoy, have fun with flavor and remember what’s important – spending more time with the people we love and less time slaving away in the kitchen. This promotion aimed to solidify their position in the market with a "Fun with Flavour" movement.

Gregg's launched the $100k Spag Bol campaign – make your perfect Spag Bol using Gregg's herbs and spices, take a picture and share it with New Zealand – one lucky chef will walk away with $100k!

Working closely with Gregg's and their brand agency, FCB, we developed a campaign site in line with the “Fun With Flavour” master brand. Given that the typical entrant would likely be taking a picture with their phone, it made most sense to build the site with this in mind. As the budget didn’t extend to a responsive site, we carefully constructed a site that kept its width to a minimum so that it could be used across mobile devices.

Baked into the site was the ability for users to easily enter the herbs and spices they used via a dynamic look-up function, along with easy form-filling using social media account details and social sharing across Facebook.