Bonita Bananas needed a brand presence in NZ so we were happy to jump on board to develop a responsive website for them. The site tells you of all different kinds of bananas and also has some yummy recipes to try out. In New Zealand we eat more bananas than any other fruit and Turners & Growers have been supplying New Zealanders with the Bonita Cavendish banana for over 50 years.

"While looking for developers to build a NZ website for Bonita, Terabyte's work stood out above the rest. We found their structured approach from design to build and then implementation and testing very useful to helping us reach our launch deadline..."

Mike Trehey, Marketing Executive

The Bonita brand has recently re-launched with an extended range and Terabyte have designed a new website to support their first large scale campaign in over a decade.

Looking to help encourage a spike in Bonita Banana consumption, the website profiles the Bonita Banana family, including the newbies - the red banana and the plantain. It also highlights unique cooking attributes of the various banana types and provides recipes to try at home. The website is responsive therefore can be viewed across devices and accessed on the go.

With an Umbraco CMS, the team at Turners & Growers are able to fully manage their own content, run occasional competitions and keep their users entertained with a variety of fun banana facts. Did you know that 'Bananas are technically a berry, and the plant they grow on is a herb'?

Get your 'Bonita Smile' on!