Bellingham Wallace is a new accountancy firm founded by two very dynamic gentlemen, Matthew Bellingham and Aaron Wallace. They share a vision for Bellingham Wallace that is about adding more to the business of accountancy and making a positive difference to the lives of their clients. Terabyte jumped on board to build their online presence and showing their unique strengths in the accountancy sector.

"We enjoyed working with every member of the Terabyte team: Anne’s designs are stunning, we appreciated Charnae’s attention to detail, Matthew didn’t compromise on any aspect as project manager and I think it shows in the end result."

Damian Bennett - Marketing Manager, Bellingham Wallace

This team is about fresh thinking and expansive strategies that challenge convention. Bellingham Wallace therefore needed a website that reflected this philosophy, they needed it fast too! 

Using the brand assets provided, we set about defining, in partnership with their team, an information architecture that revealed the breadth of their professional services.  We wanted prospective and existing customers visiting their website to appreciate how much value Bellingham Wallace could add to their business.  Each section and services category on the website is its own colour to emphasis this diversity.  To condense costs, the section templates are dynamically populated with related content, articles and events from a central repository in the Content Management System.

The design encourages customer interaction with the Bellingham Wallace team and reinforces their proven track record of success with easy access to case studies and insightful commentary.

We love the challenge of helping a new business go to market with a world class website. The timescales are usually ambitious, the aspirations admirable, and the budgets modest.  We have to be creative and innovate to the limit, it's hard work but really rewarding when we succeed.  Bellingham Wallace was just such a challenge and reward.

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