Tera Team October 19, 2016

Writing an RFP for a Digital Project

When it comes to choosing the digital partner that’s right for you and your business, without forethought, planning and a strategy, you could be entering the proverbial minefield. There are many things to consider and questions to ask, but not all of them will be relevant to your business and your project.

Where to start? A good place is our eBook which explores the five crucial stages of Expressions of Interest and Requests for Proposals. Our goal is to clarify the process and help you navigate your way through each stage, culminating in the successful appointment of your One True (Digital) Love. 

Inviting digital agencies to pitch for your project is an investment by both you and the respondents, so the more streamlined your process, the better off everyone will be.

We’ve identified the five stages as:

1. Getting Ready / Soul Searching
    Questions to ask yourself before you begin the process

2. Putting Yourself Out There / The Speed Date
    How to write an Expression of Interest (EOI)

3. First Impressions / The Coffee Date
    Meeting candidates

4. Getting Serious / Declaring Your Intentions
    How to write a Request for Proposals (RFP)

5. Meet the Parents / Commitment Time
    RFP Assessment and Making Your Choice

The path to true love is never smooth but this should level out the bumps nicely. We're also very happy to talk through process for writing an EOI or an RFP, just get in touch.

Vive l’amour!