Tera Team August 25, 2016

Why You Need a Digital Roadmap

These days, any digital agency worth their salt won't simply provide you with a development / design project completion and skip off into the sunset, leaving your website (and you) to your own devices.

A good agency will encourage and guide you to make the most of your online presence with regular analysis, monitoring and enhancement where necessary.

Whether you call it a digital strategy, a digital roadmap or just good old fashioned common sense, planning your digital future is essential if you want to stay ahead of the game.

What should you be looking at? Monitoring and improvements can include reviewing analytics, fine tuning social media integration, supporting new company content, testing for new browsers and supporting the ever increasing number of smart devices.


6 Reasons You Need a Digital Roadmap

  1. By planning your activity, the workload is broken into smaller, more achievable chunks.

  2. You can easily capture the "nice to haves" and place them on the plan for the future, ensuring they're not lost over time.

  3. By looking to what's on the plan, synergies can often be identified within different pieces of work, e.g. do 1+1 together and get 3 related overall improvements made.

  4. The plan is still flexible, and by doing less work more frequently, there's the oportunity to respond and be ready for new business strategies in time.

  5. By plotting out the activity month by month, your team's workload is managed and the cost is evened out over the year, resulting in less lumps and bumps for all concerned, from the immediate team to the CFO.

  6. There are fewer suprises, resulting in greater efficiencies.

Keep an eye out for our next blog which covers the six steps to building your digital roadmap.  


 And remember, we're always available to talk about how you might start that digital roadmap.

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