Damian Swaffield August 01, 2018

Terabyte Joins Social Envy (Press Release)


Terabyte is pleased to announce that Social Envy has joined NZ’s most established digital marketing agency.

Social Envy is a ground breaking, data-driven inbound and social media agency with a focus on the small to medium market, offering a range of services including strategy, creative and content creation. Built from years of R&D in the social media technology space, Social Envy’s scientific, behavioural approach is proving hugely successful.

Social Envy will continue, with the support of Terabyte, to provide exceptional value to its existing and new customers.

Brydie Meinung will join the Terabyte team as Inbound & Social Marketing Manager and, in addition to Social Envy, will focus on delivering inbound / social marketing expertise and value to Terabyte’s customers.

This has been another amazing year for Terabyte, says Damian Swaffield, Terabyte CEO.

We continue to strengthen our position as a leader in digital marketing, inspirational UX  and digital marketing that converts. We are continuing to work with existing and new customers on ground breaking and exciting projects. Social Envy will add to our inbound and social expertise and ensure we are driving audience to our conversion optimised sites.

It’s an absolute pleasure to be joining the ‘TeraTeam’, says Brydie Meinung, not only for my benefit, but for my clients’ too. I feel very lucky that the stars aligned and everything fell into place so well. The range of projects that we will be able to tackle together is extremely exciting – everything from small and medium to the very large! With our forces combined, I believe we’re going to be able to provide a premium, results-driven service with a creative flair that can use online success to help their business grow. It’s just fantastic when your passions align so well with a team of people with equally strong passions in their space too.


About Terabyte

Terabyte are a digital marketing agency with a big focus on inbound marketing and conversion through engaging digital experiences. We are serious about leveraging digital for business results.

We work with some of New Zealand’s leading businesses – from the small to the very large. We are able to find unique ways to present content to users that engage, educate, inspire, create loyalty and ultimately provide a better experience. 

Terabyte headquarters are in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand and all of our clients are based in NZ

Terabyte was established over 27 years ago and is privately owned by CFO Doug Hanna and CEO Damian Swaffield. 


About Social Envy

Social Envy provides creative solutions for data-driven strategies. Brydie’s background in technology, animation and psychology combine to create a passion for utilising social media for effective and efficient small business strategies. Years of analysing social media technology and developing algorithm-specific techniques has led to creating a unique model which extends your brand awareness, builds engagement and promotes digital success – and (more often than not) all without a cent spent! We understand that small businesses need online marketing too, but they don’t have the big, bad marketing budgets. Creating effective, low-cost strategies that work - that’s where we can help! Social Envy is owned and led by Brydie Meinung.