Tera Team October 28, 2016

NZ Tech, Taking the World by Storm


News came in last week that foreign investment in NZ technology companies is at an all-time high with the trend towards outright foreign takeovers slowing down. According to Greg Shanahan, TIN Managing Director, this appears to be a sign of confidence within the sector.

Here at Terabyte, we've always been keen exponents of the tech sector and have partnered with several firms to help them take their offering to the world. We have a few ideas on how to optimise your digital offering for maximum international impact.

For New Zealand’s growing technology industry, digital is the perfect platform for attracting an unlimited worldwide audience. This sector is also featuring more and more prominently in our export portfolio to China.

Of course this is largely due to the fact that we boast some extremely innovative and ground breaking technology firms.  But another large part of this success is the global accessible marketplace that digital offers.


A digital presence allows us to set up our shop alongside multi-national technology companies, who historically had the advantage due to their less isolated location.

But it only works if your digital experience is targeted to your audience, offering relevant and personalised content which is valuable to your audience, and built with export markets in mind.

So we thought it was timely to look at the top three factors to consider when leveraging your company's brand overseas:



Which Markets to Focus On
You may well have identified your target markets and know exactly where you want to take your business next.  Perhaps you’re still developing this. Either way, there are specific factors to consider when making this extremely important decision, eg market size, local economic climate, distribution channels, competition, ease of entry.


Audience Demographics
Within those markets, who do you need to reach, and why?   For example, the conversation with a company’s CEO will differ to that of the IT Manager and subsequently your content may need to take that into account.


In order to grab an export market’s attention, your online offering has to be well designed, credible, comprehensive, easy to navigate and understand. This includes presenting content in the language of your readers, content strategy and design, all the while keeping in mind the needs of each market. You may need to consider regionalisation - for example, a web page in one country may need to be designed and written differently for another, appear in a different language, although the ultimate message remains the same. 


SEO (search engine optimisation) is paramount when reaching other countries.  You’ve done your research and know where you’re taking the business.  You’re punching above your weight in terms of your digital presence and can stand proud alongside the multi-nationals. So make sure you can be found!  Major search engines in each of your export regions should be optimised for, eg Google won’t cut it in China.

In summary, consideration for your international audience is paramount if you’re looking to grow in international markets. New Zealand is on the cutting edge of the technology industry and the possibilities for international growth are huge. 

“.. companies that make smart use of internet services are 6% more productive than average firms in this sector. If all firms made better use of internet services, it could potentially lift GDP by $34b".

- NZ Tech