Tera Team May 12, 2017

New Crew! (Part 2)

We're on a roll here at Terabyte just lately - especially with our people; we've welcomed some extraordinary talent over the last few weeks. It's been amazing seeing all the great people out there and we consider ourselves lucky to have snagged four of the best.

We recently introduced Darren and Simon, and now we're showing off Christine and Janine, our new Account Directors. They're pretty darned awesome, if we say so ourselves. 



Janine Barron, Account Director / Trampolinist / Reiki Master

Fresh from Melbourne, Janine is back home to NZ to join Team Terabyte. A keen relationship builder with a deep understanding of all things digital, Janine is focused on helping her clients create and design digital solutions that solve business problems.

But wait, there's more! Janine is also a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and mindfulness meditation leader (yep, we're pretty stoked).

What I love most about the internet:
The transformation of communication and integrated application in all areas of our life.

My favourite website is:
At the moment, IBM Design Research

What I like about working at Terabyte:
The energy of an inspired team and clients, creating magic!

Something people don't generally know about me:
I love doing back somersaults on the trampoline! I was a child actress in several TVCs.



Christine Mata, Account Director / Jogger / Shopper

Christine brings over 16 years experience in account management. This, together with her business acumen and ability to discover and present the best digital solutions for her clients, make her an excellent Account Director. When she's not delivering digital goodness to her client base, Christine loves the outdoors, keeps fit and isn't shy of a little shopping here and there... 

What I love most about the internet:
I love that everyone has the ability to access all sorts of information at any given time. A lot of services that we were paying for 15 years ago are now free like calls to anywhere in world – thanks to Skype, Viber and apps.

My favourite website is:
medium.com is a website I visit regularly and I find it such a useful resource. 
I also enjoy visiting e-commerce websites for research purposes of course (and not just for online shopping!).
My top pick is yoox.com/nz because they make it so easy to find and filter items I am interested in.

What I like about working at Terabyte:
It's an absolute pleasure working with a team of very experienced and talented professionals. And very exciting to work with a number of cool clients.

Something people don't generally know about me:
My second first name is Lorelie which I never use except on my birth certificate and passport.

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