Tera Team February 21, 2017

Mobile Optimisation: The Revolution is Nigh

We all know about the mobile revolution: mobile devices have now overtaken desktop – that news is very last year*. The players at the top of their game are those who have studied their digital offering closely, from a mobile users’ perspective, and optimised things accordingly, making it easy and pleasurable for their audience to reach their goals, no matter what they’re viewing the offering on.

Audiences worldwide have responded, resulting in things like the killer "three second" rule – 40% of users will click away if a page fails to load within that timeframe. That’s too high a percentage to ignore.  And then there’s Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm: another impossible-to-ignore fact of digital life today.

So, how many of us are actually doing something about it? Responsive websites are here to stay, de rigeur and pretty much a given. But there’s more to be done in this space. Mobile optimisation covers a range of very cool ways in which an online presence can be enhanced for the all-important mobile user, who’s not going away anytime soon (unless you’re seriously under-optimised – then, they’ll go away far too soon).

Our eBook looks at what mobile optimisation really means and how it can be applied, including Mobile vs Responsive vs Adaptive, a drill-down into Adaptive Design and how it can be applied to enhance a responsive website, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). In our opinion, this is one area where you need to either be confident you’re covered, or make some changes to ensure you are. 

Because this year, the money’s on the mobile user.

*October 2016 saw the web being accessed via mobile devices more than desktop or notebooks for the first time in history.