Murray Roke July 25, 2018

Happy 20th, Muz!

Murray "Muz" Roke joined the ranks some 20 years ago and has worked across hundreds of projects during his time at Terabyte. We decided to find out a few things we didn't already know...



Q: What do you love most about the internet?

A: The possibilities that didn't exist before, like being able to start dinner cooking while at lmy son's basketball game.


Q: What's your favourite website?

A: Any website where I can get the information I want quickly. Okay, real examples: Snow Forecast and Stackoverflow. Also, Google Photos. Part of the attraction is seeing what objects it can recognise in my photos, and who it gets confused in its facial recognition.


Q: What do you like about working at Terabyte?
A: The variety of clients and projects that I get to work on, and a fabulous bunch of people to work with: they're supportive, professional and fun ... even in difficult situations.


Q: What's something most people don't know about you?

A: I asked my family to help me with this one...

"He doesn't like reading the same book twice, his kids think he’s great at reading aloud with voices and accents, he has chickens, he can pack huge amounts of stuff into tiny spaces, he's a good cook, he has beef and Oyster sauce whenever he tries a new Thai restaurant, he's not really a morning person, he plays ultimate Frisbee, he loves ginger crunch and gingerbread cake made from his mother's recipe (basically half a tin of golden syrup with a few other ingredients)."