Tera Team May 10, 2019

Fact or Fiction: Is an Umbraco upgrade really important?

Umbraco is a quality platform with features galore, especially for content editors, making it intuitive and flexible, plus it’s open source and built with enterprise level technologies making it a supreme choice.

As with all CMS platforms, Umbraco is constantly evolving, with each new release providing new features and improved security. With such a robust system, is an upgrade actually important or can you afford to push out your Umbraco upgrade a year or two?


That’s a no from the developers!

We recommend updating (roughly) every 12 months, otherwise your website is at risk and sometimes a complete rebuild may be required.

Not yet sure of the importance of keeping your Umbraco updated?

Our Account Directors can give you a call or carry on reading the 5 reasons why to upgrade.

1. User Experience

One of the best parts of an Umbraco CMS is the dreamy user experience. Gone are the days of dealing with slow and chunky backends, which confuse us more than help us and take up hours of time and deplete our creative thinking. Each new upgrade comes with improvements which contribute to an easier, more efficient and enjoyable content editor experience. Don’t know about you, but I’m already convinced!

2. User Management

Umbraco isn’t called “The World’s Friendliest CMS” for nothing. The release of version 7.7 saw a big overhaul of Umbraco’s user management features, including improved UI for the user group functionality, with the introduction of avatars, user searches, bulk operations and a choice of user views, plus a whole lot more features to make user management a piece of cake.


3. Efficiency (Hello, Content Templates!)

Particularly useful for those sites with pages that require the same layout, introduced with version 7.7, content templates allow editors to create pages for replication throughout the site. It’s an extremely simple process and can save a huge amount of time, removing the need for new pages to be created from scratch by defining a content blueprint for certain types of pages. These pages are set up with dummy content which editors can then overwrite (particularly good for content editors with less experience). 

4. Security

Security improvements come out of each new release, and these range from blocking the upload of certain file types right through to user management / permission changes. Umbraco will release key patches fortnightly, designed to keep your installation secure. It makes sense then to keep on top of your platform version to take advantage of these crucial improvements in security. 

5. Speed

Every new version focuses on resolving speed issues and increasing the platform performance. Recent versions have introduced faster site start up and page rendering as page load times are reduced, improving the user experience, particularly for image intensive sites.


Not sure what version of Umbraco your site is running? Find out now!


What about Umbraco 8?

You may have heard about the recent release of Umbraco 8. Although Umbraco 8 is an exciting development, it does incorporate some pretty fundamental changes to the CMS, resulting in a relatively complex upgrade process. Consequently, we’d recommend upgrading to Umbraco 8 at the same time as a redesign or rebuild. In the meantime, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version before Umbraco 8, which is version 7.14.2. 

So, where do you sit on the fence now? If you need to talk about your upgrade further and just how important it is, our Account Directors are happy to give you a call.